We’re a design-driven production company which thrives on creating sophisticated animated stories with one goal in mind – communicating your message in the most effective and compelling way.

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You have the gig, and we have the ideas. We craft design-driven animations that make people understand. Whatever you do, wherever you do it.

Our Process

Creative. Transparent. Personal. Want to know how we transform the idea into your animation? Get to know our creative journey full of exciting challenges that ends in the most beautiful way.

Research & Discovery


Before we even start writing, drawing and moving pixels on a digital screen - we talk. We talk, listen and take notes. We try to know you, your targets, goals and dreams. We ask questions and give answers. We want to become experts in your business and give you insight into our work. All because we believe that the more you know at the start, the easier it gets down the road.

Story, Creative & Art Direction


At this point, we establish a style of the video, along with the story and the visual presentation of the scenes. We prepare moodboards, styleframes and storyboards to give the first glance at your future animation. During this step, our Creative and Art Directors meet with the team, discuss direction and style, and assign the tasks to make sure the creative process will go smooth.

Design & Illustration


Our artists work on dedicated illustrations based on prepared and accepted materials. This is the moment when the scenes get their colors, shapes, and soul. We prepare a design board that shows the entire animation in a set of colorful, beautifully designed stills.

Animation & Sound


It's time to add some action. Now every element of the illustrations starts living - from the main characters to the smallest abstract pieces. Our imagination is the only limit. Connecting visuals with sound effects and music makes the animation even more immersive.